Pickle Teeth in Heaven

DaddyBears was invited to take part in Palazzo Monti's spring 2022 residency, resulting in a month long show at the Palazzo during October 2022.

The work is part of the duo show - Can't Stop Can't Let go.

Please email any purchase/loan enquires daddydadbears@gmail.com

Pickle Teeth in Heaven is dedicated to loss, burial and the journey to a possible after-

In South America during the Mesoamerican period, the people of the Toltec
civilization would breed tiny dogs for hunting and companionship- they believed that
these dogs possessed supernatural powers. This meant that the tiny dogs would often
be sacrificed just before the owner’s death as a way to guide them through the
One of the four small structures within the installation contains buried treasure. The
treasure in it’s resting place is a satin scale model of some lost puppy teeth.
To be immersed in the installation, imagine yourself tiny, traversing a
fantasy underworld in search of precious puppy teeth which will help guide you
through the afterlife.

Poly satin, Crepe back Satin, Hollow Fibre stuffing, Plastic beads, Cotton Thread, Puppy Teeth.